Main Events

Feb 20, 2015: 7:00 PM

Welcome dinner at Camp Owaissa-Bauer (17001 SW 264th Street Homestead, FL 33031). There will be toasts at this dinner, if you have a burning desire to say something, this is the event you can't miss. Come prepared or be inspired by the moment. Starting at 7:00 PM.

Feb 21, 2015: 4:30PM

Wedding! (22727 SW 180 Court Miami, FL 33170). Please plan to arrive at 4:30pm.

Feb 22, 2015: 10:00 AM

Brunch. The celebration continues. Different kind of toast here. Will be at the Deering Estate (16701 SW 72 Avenue Miami, FL 33157) at 10:00 AM.

I want to RSVP!

Email us at! Or roll the dice on our RSVP page.

How do I get to the venues?

How lucky for you, the ceremony and the reception are both conveniently located in the same place! Gorgas’ mom and stepfather have generously allowed us to invade their backyard at 22727 SW 180 Ct Miami FL 33170

Where should I park?

There will be two of Miami’s finest to help facilitate parking around the neighborhood. This will be at no charge. However, as space is limited, if anyone wants to carpool, especially from the hotel, that would be encouraged. Also, if making the drive from Homestead to the hotel or back to Miami proper late at night (and after a few drinks) is an issue, we welcome anyone who wants to crash at the house. It may be on a sofa or the floor, but we have some mighty comfortable floors.

What should I wear?

Gorgas will be wearing a wedding dress and Jason will be wearing a tux, but don’t feel like you have to outdo us or anything. Since it will be out of doors, dress for comfort (ladies or gentlemen that wish to wear heels, we will be in grass so stilettos might be tricky but not outside the realm of the possible) and be mindful of the evening chill.

Are kids welcome?

Kids are welcome, though are not automatically included in your RSVP. If you are planning on bringing a child, please email us their names and we will set them up on our paperless RSVP list.

Can I bring a date?

While we are somewhat concerned about space (this being the bride's mother's backyard and all, we want everyone that wants to be there to come. Email us if you need a plus one put on the list. (

Does your wedding have a theme?

Show up and find out.

I am coming from out of town. Where should I stay/fly into/etc?

Great questions! Check out our special Out of Towners page.

When is the RSVP deadline?

January 11, 2015, but the sooner you let us know you are coming, the more we will love you.

What kind of ceremony will it be?

Since we will have had a Chinese tea ceremony earlier that year, the wedding you are invited to will be the flavor of liberal Presbyterian tradition that Gorgas was raised in. However, emphasis will be less on the religious aspect, and instead focused on the community of family and friends that have made us who we are. At a point during the ceremony, you will have the opportunity (and be encouraged mightily) to speak whatever blessing you wish to offer the couple, so take those elocution lessons now if need be.

Will food be served?

Oh yes.

Dinner will be catered by local Cuban chain Pollo Tropical (or as four year old Gorgas used to call it The Chicken That Lays in the Sun) and will consist of Cuban-style pulled pork, white rice, black beans, yucca fries, and some other bits of deliciousness. Vegans will be happy to note that the rice, beans, and yucca are all approved by PETA

What if I have a food allergy?

Please let us know ( about it and we will make sure your food allergens will be labeled accordingly.

Will there be dancing?

Most definitely! As well as other fun time activities that are a surprise!

What time will the reception end?

The music will shut off at 10pm so that our neighbors aren’t disturbed too terribly, though don’t let that chase you away, there are some mellow activities that will take place afterwards that we think you will enjoy.

Can I take pictures?

We will be having an unplugged ceremony. We have hired an incredibly talented, wonderful photographer that we ADORE, and we want her to take photos of your beautiful faces during the ceremony... not your smartphone that will seem laughably out of date in five years. However, after the ceremony, you can whip out those phones if you want to, though remember, Ingrid will be there capturing everything all night!

Are there more Wedding Weekend Activities?

Yes!! And we hope you will join us for our super exciting Wedding Weekend Scavenger Hunt! You are also cordially invited to the rehearsal dinner/pizza party on Friday Feb 20, 7pm at the wedding site. There will also be a picnic brunch the day after the wedding, Sunday Feb 22 at 10 am, by the bay on the beautiful Deering Estate grounds, which we hope you will join us for before everyone scatters away to their lives once more.

Is there a gifts registry?

So glad you asked! There are actually two registries.

The first is the one we are the most excited for, it is our registry of things you can DO. We have so many wonderful and talented friends and family that we would love for your involvement to be our gift. If you have an idea that isn’t on the list, email us and tell us all about it

The second is the more traditional registry of stuff.

Will last names be changing after the wedding?


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